Phone Drive

Change iOS device into Wi-Fi Flash Drive!

You can now use your iOS device as a portable WiFi Flash Drive. Phone Drive allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone or iPad. You can connect to Phone Drive from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by drag & drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer.


Support Cloud Services

Support iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Multimedia Player

An ability to play all audio files from a folder as a playlist with repeat, shuffle, background playback and remote control from multitask.

HTTP/FTP Password Protected

Files transfer between PC/Mac with password protection.

File Operations

Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, Zip, Unzip, Create File and Folder.

File Sharing

File sharing with other iOS devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with automatic search of nearest available devices around you.

Easy File Upload & Download

Drag and drop files upload via your PC/Mac web browser or USB via iTunes.