We Built Amazing Apps

We listen to our customers for creating amazing apps and we keep doing what we love.

  • HibiDo

    HibiDo all-in-one powerful to-do, task management, note and calander app.

  • Phone Drive

    Phone Drive lets you store files on iOS device using wireless connection.

  • Stream - Cloud Music Plyer

    Stream was created to give you a seamless listening music experience!

  • Safety Note+

    Safety Note+ keep your most private notes away from unauthorized access.

  • Safety Photo+Video

    Safety Photo+Video allows you to keep your images and videos private.

About Us

Eightythree Technology is a small, independent studio that creates innnovative products for iOS and Android.

We were officially founded in October 2009, and have grown from one app to multiple apps that enable you to do amazing things.

We are passionate about productivity, simplicity, and beautiful design. Today we have a set of beautifully obvious tools to keep your ideas moving.

We do what we love, for the better

We lucubrate in the realm of time, empowering everyone the ability and peacefulness to stay organized, stay creative.

Our goal is to help everyone boost productivity and enjoy life by building a simple, but not simpler product that improves humans productivity.

We value our users’ experience, and continuously develop innovative features to make the app ever more stable and smooth.

Support & Feedback

    You can send feedback and get support via email from the settings of our apps which provides us with detail about the version of the app you are running.

  • support@eightythreetech.com